Life is greatest when it’s enjoyed with others...that’s why we put such a huge emphasis on our Life Groups.

Life Groups serve as a great avenue to meet new people and to develop life-giving friendships, while making an impact within our local community!

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 Open Enrollment for Ongoing Groups Only!

2nd Semester Registration begins April 1st.  Groups launch April 10th

Life Groups for Everyone!

Men's groups, married couples, college students, young adults, youth, Jr. High….Trust us when we tell you that there’s a Life Group for you...all you have to do is join one!  Click the button below to explore... 

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Our LG Leaders are Heroes!

Each week leaders host environments where relationships can be developed. If you don't see a group of your liking then maybe you need to start one! Please submit by March 5th for 2nd semester eligibility

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Leader Requirements:

1. Complete DNA Classes

2. Complete Right Now Video Lesson

3. Read Life Group Leader Covenant

  • Visit Life Center to sign Covenant 

Training Dates:

  • LG Leaders:  April 2 @ 2pm in the Loft

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