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The Heavenly Vision-Part 2 SERIES The Heavenly Vision-Part 2

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The Heavenly Vision-Part 1 SERIES The Heavenly Vision-Part 1

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Blessed For Success Pt7 SERIES Blessed For Success Pt7

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Blessed For Success Pt6 SERIES Blessed For Success Pt6

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The Book Of Revelation

Topical Messages

Check out these topical messages from Pastor Al!

1 Thessalonians

Pastor Al's in-depth study in 1 Thessalonians.

Staff Pastors

Lessons taught by our Staff Pastors.

CWC Worship

CWC Worship Sets

Guest Speakers

This series contains messages from Guest Speakers, which include a variety of topics.

Praise with the Pros

Praise with the Pros | July 11th | CWC

Mother's Day 2018

Check out Pastor Al's Message from Mother's Day entitled "A Mother's Song"

Easter 2018

Pastor Al's Easter Message on April 1st, 2018

Holy Week 2018

Holy Week Sermons from Calvary Worship Center


An in depth study of the Book of James


In-Depth Study through the Book of Colossians

Christmas Series - The Star

An Advent Christmas Series


In-Depth Study through the Book of Philemon

L1FE Nights

Join us for a night of prayer, worship and celebration to our King at Calvary Worship Center

Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is full of amazing accounts of the life of Jesus. Join Pastor Al in this verse-by-verse study through John.

Book of Acts

In-Depth Study through the Book of Acts