Growing Families Together…In Christ!

Families growing together in Christ are the legacy we leave behind in this generation. Therefore, as members of the body of Christ we must take it upon ourselves to maintain family integrity and family health. CWC is investing in the next generation, seeking to raise disciples and offer opportunities for families to grow together.
  • Join the Core: This is your access to all things happening through CWC.
  • Join us for Family Connection Gatherings (look for announcements)
  • Attend classes pertaining to family and parenting to help you strengthen your family.
  • Family Counsel: Reach out to us in times of trouble for Godly wisdom.
  • We offer biblical-based counseling and guidance to help you with any age child seeking to grow in Christ.
  • Search the Core for Family Life Groups where children can attend.

For more information about this ministry call (719) 632-3311.